3 biggest Phillies All-Star snubs

Washington Nationals v Philadelphia Phillies
Washington Nationals v Philadelphia Phillies / Tim Nwachukwu/GettyImages
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3. Bryce Harper

This last one feels like it shouldn't need any justification; but in all honesty, Bryce Harper really hasn't posted All-Star numbers in 2023. But really, who cares? Easily one of the biggest and most marketable stars in the sport, Harper should be a lock to represent the Philadelphia Phillies every year in the Midsummer Classic.

In all seriousness, missing the first month of the season didn't do the two time MVP any favors and his power stroke has remained absent in 2023. With that said, it is still Bryce Harper, and it is not as if he has been bad this season. Entering the day, Harper is hitting .297 and has posted an OPS of .801. The OPS numbers are inflated by his .396 on base percentage, but I am not going to bury a guy for getting on base at such a high clip. Overall, really not to shabby for a guy coming off Tommy John surgery.

Now I know, the All-Star game is dictated by your performance for the current season; but when you consider how steady Harper has been this year along with just how dominant of a postseason run he had in 2022 helping carry the Phillies to the National League Pennant, you would think he would be a shoe-in to join Nick Castellanos in Seattle.

Entering Wednesday, the Phillies sit 45-39 and are one game back in the Wild Card race; so I guess that fans can spin it in a way of getting Bryce off his feet for the week sets him up for a huge second half push; with the goal of returning to the postseason a real possibility for the franchise.