2 reasons the Phillies will be trade deadline buyers, 2 to make them sellers

Philadelphia Phillies v Atlanta Braves
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Phillies can become trade deadline sellers because the window to win isn’t closing

The Phillies do have a few trade chips they could shop in a worst-case scenario involving a summer of selling. Nola is at the top of the list. A few of the relievers on one-year deals, like Craig Kimbrel, could be more minor pieces the more serious contenders are willing to add. There isn’t a whole lot for the Phillies to tear down. It could have them conducting a minor sell-off simply because much of the same team will be back next season.

None of the main Phillies position players are headed to free agency after this season aside from Rhys Hoskins who is out for the season. They have an incredibly small crop of pending free agents which should have them thinking about success in 2024 more than extending their hope a little too far in 2023.

The Phillies’ farm system isn’t flush with talent to deal. Several misses in past drafts, previous trades, and graduations from the minors to the majors have given them a limited resource at the trade deadline. Why make an unimpressive move at any cost when it won’t be enough to fix the problems?

Six teams in the National League will get into the postseason this year. The Phillies feel like they have a team that could just as easily be that final ball club again or the first one to come up shy. The players have a little over two months to convince the front office they’re worth the faith of the front office to improve.

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