2 players the Phillies should extend next, 1 extension they should avoid

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3) The ACL injury made a Rhys Hoskins extension impossible for the Phillies

Rhys Hoskins likely wasn't going to be extended anyway, but now that he's out for the season with a Torn ACL it's pretty much 100% confirmed. Is it possible Hoskins is back in 2024? Sure. But an extension before he hits free agency is out the window at this point.

Hoskins is what he is. He's a streaky hitter who can hit 30+ home runs for you. He's a good clubhouse guy and a good leader. No Phillies fan will forget that bat spike anytime soon. He had plenty of big moments in the postseason after enduring so many disappointing seasons in his career.

Hoskins is also a poor defender at first base and will likely earn more money than he's realistically worth. Darrick Hall is unproven but finding power at first base isn't hard. Especially players who can hit for power at CBP.

There's a very good chance Hall can be a 20-30 homer guy if he can stay healthy. There're also always options in free agency and in a trade. First basemen aren't super hard to find. The same can't be said about a middle infielder like Stott.

The Phillies can approach Hoskins after the season and see what it'd take for him to stay. Doing it now while he's injured with a chance of a setback or anything bad happening wouldn't be wise.

This felt like it could've been Hoskins' swan song as a member of the Phillies and this injury just makes it more likely in my eyes. An extension won't happen nor should it.

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