2 Phillies trades deadline deals continuing to pay off, 1 starting to age poorly

Boston Red Sox v Philadelphia Phillies
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Looking back at what the Philadelphia Phillies did around last summer’s MLB trade deadline, we see an aggressive front office that helped to catapult them to the World Series. The Phillies were unafraid of adding and subtracting from the organization. They loaded up and improved multiple spots on the roster.

The Phillies continue to benefit from two of those trades which have thus far looked like they are winners. However, the results of another one of those trade deadline deals is beginning to age poorly.

1) Phillies trade continuing to pay off: Brandon Marsh for Logan O’Hoppe

The Phillies had one of the game’s best catching prospects on the farm last year. The problem was, with one of the league’s best catchers in the early part of his new contract, there wasn’t much of a need. In center field the Phillies didn’t have too many favorable options. This is where they took a big swing and swapped Logan O’Hoppe for Brandon Marsh.

The outlook for O’Hoppe remains a positive one. Now with the Los Angeles Angels, he’s currently on the IL but very much in the mix to become a contributing factor when he returns and for many more years to come. The exact same should be said about Marsh.

A lesser known outfielder for the Angels last season, he arrived in Philadelphia and batted .288/.319/.455 down the stretch for his new team. He has been even better in 2023. Through 117 plate appearances, Marsh is a .314/.402/.578 hitter with a league-best 4 triples, another 4 home runs, and a much better outlook as an everyday center fielder. His defense is imperfect but getting better. Against lefties, he has posted a .31/.387/.679 slash line after 31 trips to the plate.

Credit the Phillies scouts for seeing Marsh’s upside. This wasn’t a genius move. What makes it so notable is how quickly Marsh became entrenched as a core member of the Phillies lineup. Although we often find him hitting near the bottom of the order, he may prove himself to be top of the lineup material.

Marsh doesn’t even become arbitration eligible until the 2025 season with free agency even further away, arriving after the 2027 campaign.