2 Phillies trade rumors we hope come true, 1 we hope doesn't happen

If history is any indication, the Phillies could swoop in and steal headlines at the trade deadline.

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Eduardo Rodriguez isn't the starter the Phillies need

Ever since Eduardo Rodriguez got off to a hot start in the first half for the Tigers, he has been a highly discussed trade target by virtually everyone. He has a track record of being a pretty good pitcher and had an argument to be considered a top 5 pitcher in the American League in the first half.

The Phillies have been among the list of teams that have been watching Rodriguez closely leading up to the deadline. While there are certainly worse options the Phillies could consider at the deadline (*cough* Patrick Corbin *cough*), Philadelphia should still steer clear of E-Rod this season.

First is the fact that he got injured towards the end of the first half of the 2023 season and since his return, he has not pitched well. The Phillies' rotation has played quite well and while depth there would be great, the Phillies shouldn't be targeting a guy like Rodriguez who was already overperforming his career numbers and is now struggling mightily. Whether it is the finger injury causing him issues or the Regression Monster coming to claim him, there are just too many questions/risks here.

Another problem is his contract and how it will impact the cost to acquire him. E-Rod has an opt out in his contract that he could exercise at the end of this season. The problem with that is that he is likely to do the exactly opposite of whatever the Phillies want him to do regardless of how he plays. If he plays well, he will almost certainly opt out and then he is a pure rental that likely cost more in trade than a true rental. If he is bad, he won't opt out and the Phillies paid a premium for a guy on the decline and they now have to pay him another $49 million.