2 Phillies trade rumors we hope come true, 1 we hope doesn't happen

If history is any indication, the Phillies could swoop in and steal headlines at the trade deadline.
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While the trade market is awash with big time rumors and moves, the Philadelphia Phillies have been laying in the weeds so far on the trade market. There is no question that the Phillies should be buyers at the deadline as they are firmly in the NL wild card race even if the division race feels like an impossible hill to climb.

One thing is an absolute: if his team is in contention, Phillies president of baseball operations Dave Dombrowski will make big moves at the trade deadline to improve the roster. In many respects, Dombrowski is a blunt instrument and he has no qualms about targeting big names on the trade market to accomplish his objectives. Do all of these moves work out? Absolutely not, but one has to respect his convictions.

Here are 2 Phillies trade rumors we hope come true and 1 we hope doesn't

True to form, the Phillies have been connected to a wide range of names at the trade deadline on both sides of the ball this year. A lot of that has just been speculation that is more writers looking at potential fits than actual documented interest, but it is hard to ignore some of the smoke surrounding certain names that appear to be on Philly's radar.

For this exercise, the focus is going to be on names that have actually been connected to the Phillies and highlighting the good/bad of those. Sure, it would be nice if Philly traded for Adley Rutschman out of nowhere, but that isn't ever going to happen and is not worth exploring here.

Let's take a look at two Phillies trade rumors we hope end up coming true and one that we hope doesn't happen.