2 Phillies trade deadline needs they must address, 1 they can ignore

Arizona Diamondbacks v Philadelphia Phillies
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Phillies trade deadline need to address: The bullpen

The Phillies bullpen started off poorly and then went on a stretch where they seemed almost invincible. They’re a pretty average group of relievers right now. Mediocrity isn’t good enough.

An argument could be made that every type of role is in need of improvement. They have closer candidates. Unless Jose Alvarado returns from the IL and continues to shut down hitters without mercy, it’s a need to look into.

What’s strange about the Phillies bullpen is who has done well and who hasn’t. Craig Kimbrel has a 6.35 ERA after 17 innings of work while Connor Brogdon leads all relievers with 24 innings and has a 2.63 ERA. Seranthony Dominguez and Gregory Soto continue to attempt to drop their ERAs while Andrew Vasquez and Jeff Hoffman have been two of the club’s more effective options.

Heads may roll in the bullpen. They shouldn’t be shy about doing to Kimbrel what they did to Jeurys Familia last year. The Phillies threw a bunch of veterans into their relief corps in 2022 and while it wasn’t the most effective strategy it did turn out well.

Bullpen needs at the trade deadline are inevitable for nearly every ball club. The Phillies need to start with the rotation and then move on to the bullpen options. There is one other potential need they could look into. However, they shouldn’t overextend in the least bit to address it.