2 Phillies players who’ve earned an apology from the doubters, 2 not quite there

Which Phillies are you ready to apologize to for doubting and who needs to do more?
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Kyle Schwarber hasn’t quite earned his apology from the doubters

The legendary “June” Kyle Schwarber didn’t show up in full last month. The slugging outfielder did improve but he has hardly earned an apology from the doubters. As awesome as it was for him to hit .223/.339/.515 with 8 home runs and 16 RBI, it wasn’t all that much more productive than his dismal May.

It was in that second month of the year when Schwarber’s slash line numbers took a huge hit. He batted only .115/.300/.368 for the month of May while knocking 7 home runs and driving in 15. An additional solo home run is all he was able to add in June in this regard. A couple more singles and his usual tendency to strike out a ton and play poor defense haunted the Phillies more often than anyone would like to see.

Any sort of Schwarber apology will have to wait until we see much more out of him. He needs to go on a tear of a much larger scale.

Schwarber’s 22 home runs and 47 RBI are great to see but it still carries the not-so-pretty .188/.326/.446 slash line. He’s probably going to lead the league in strikeouts again, too. Schwarber is getting better. Hold off on pressing send on your apology.

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