2 Phillies players who’ve earned an apology from the doubters, 2 not quite there

Which Phillies are you ready to apologize to for doubting and who needs to do more?

Philadelphia Phillies v Chicago Cubs
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Trea Turner hasn’t quite earned his apology from the doubters

A third fish the Phillies reeled in this offseason via free agent, Trea Turner came to Philadelphia with so many expectations it put another crack in the Liberty Bell. He was the player the Phillies needed. They landed him and until recently there wasn’t much to enjoy about his tenure in Philly.

Unlike Walker and Kimbrel who’ve already earned their apologies, Turner is one of the players not quite there. He went into June slashing .236/.280/.371. He came out of it as a .249/.304/.384 hitter.

The improvement is there and yet he hasn’t fully shined just yet. Turner has lifted his slash line up to .249/.304/.383 on the year. A perfect 18 for 18 in stolen base attempts, he has given the Phillies an added weapon to the offense. This year’s club is not as home run happy as last year’s. They are better-rounded and the more Turner gets back to his former self, the more wins should come from it.

The apology letter for Turner can remain in the drafts folder until further notice. He has much more to do before anyone should tell them they’re sorry for doubting him. It might not take long. There are too many things he does well for this to continue.