2 Phillies moving up the depth chart, 2 moving down

Seattle Mariners v Philadelphia Phillies
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Phillies player moving down the depth chart: Bailey Falter

The guy moving down the depth chart to make room for Strahm is Bailey Falter. After 5 starts, Falter is 0-4 with a 4.50 ERA in 28 innings of work. It has been a very average beginning to the year for Falter. Under different circumstances, we might not move him down the depth chart.

Some struggles from the co-aces Aaron Nola and Zack Wheeler have made Falter’s own weaknesses stick out a little further. Frankly, he never should have been a starting pitcher option for them out of camp outside of replacing an injured player. He kind of did. The spring training battle between him and Andrew Painter ended when the latter landed on the IL. 

Now officially passed by Strahm on the depth chart, Falter is on the bubble to start pitching better or get reacquainted with Lehigh Valley.

Falter does have minor league options. The Phillies cannot be hesitant to use them. Falter is a useful pitcher to float between the majors and minors. He can even find a spot in the bullpen as needed. What they can’t do is weaken the rotation in favor of following the original blueprints. There is always time for adjustments later. If Strahm is pitching like “the guy” he should remain ahead of Falter on the depth chart as long as the results prove it.

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