2 Phillies moving up the depth chart, 2 moving down

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Phillies player moving down the depth chart: Jake Cave

Jake Cave won one of the final spots on the Phillies roster out of camp. He’s only here because of how few other outfield options the team has. With Cristian Pache landing on the IL, Cave’s leash gets even longer.

The Phillies picked up Cave with the likely intention of using him exactly as they have. He’s starting regularly in the outfield and providing them with little more than a warm body out there. His presence hasn’t held the team back. He’s also doing little to help them win a whole lot of games.

Cave is 14 for 63 with a .222/.286/.333 slash line. He has a home run and 4 doubles in the 20 games he has appeared in. It’s a fine output for a bench player. The Phillies have had to use him much more mostly because of the absence of Bryce Harper but also the shortcomings on defense from Nick Castellanos and Kyle Schwarber.

Optioning Cave to the minors is something the Phillies will likely do sooner than later. Their limited backup plans are what have helped keep him around a little beyond the normal welcome. Cave has time to move back up the depth chart. Dalton Guthrie, who was recalled with Pache landing on the IL, will look to take the spot away from Cave.