3 Big moments on this day in Phillies history

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What happened on this day in Phillies history?

The Philadelphia Phillies franchise has had many talented players and memorable moments over the years. As one of the oldest franchises in MLB history their players have produced some of the most incredible plays.

On this day, the Phillies showcased a variety of talent from some of their best players. Though each event happened several years apart, each was important and memorable to the franchise. All moments shared a similar trait; they started at home plate and ended in an array of different ways.

What happened on this day in Phillies history?

Greg Luzinski rang the Liberty Bell replica

On this day in 1972, former Phillies left-fielder Greg Luzinski stepped up to bat at Veterans Stadium, likely without intention to strike the Liberty Bell replica hanging above the stadium. He produced the only run of the game in one of the most amazing ways.

Luzinski produced a 500-foot home run that struck and rang the Liberty Bell replica near the luxury boxes at the stadium. Exactly 50 years later, Phillies fans and franchise members recall this moment and remember the powerhouse hitter’s most exciting home run.


Luzinski’s immense strength was demonstrated by his frequent home runs which helped him earn his nickname, “The Bull.” He stood out as a strong hitter in his early days with MiLB and MLB and had a breakthrough during Spring Training in 1972. According to Chris Landers at MLB.com, “In 1972, he finally broke Spring Training on the Major League roster, and Philly couldn’t wait to see its can’t-miss prospect — the one who had already hit at least 30 homers at every stop in the Minor Leagues, and who had led the Pacific Coast League in total bases in 1971.”

He retired nearly 40 years ago but remains one of the best hitters in Phillies’ history. During his 11-year career with the Phillies, Luzinski was named to four All-Star teams and produced 223 home runs. After leaving Philadelphia, he played four more seasons in MLB and hit a career total of 307 home runs.

Though Veterans Stadium has since been demolished, you can see the Liberty Bell replica that Luzinski struck at the main entrance of the Phillies’ new home field, Citizens Bank Park.

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