Nick Castellanos’ family had epic response to him buying Ben Simmons’ house

Nick Castellanos’ family saged Ben Simmons’ old house when they moved in

By now, you’ve probably seen that Nick Castellanos purchased Ben Simmons’ home in New Jersey.

The former 76ers star (or diva, depending on who you ask) put his former home on the market last fall with a $5M asking price amidst his months-long drama with his then-team. Even in the chaos of the current real estate market, it was more than affordable for Castellanos, who will earn $100M over a historic five-year deal with the Phillies.

The newest Philadelphia Phillies slugger will be less than half an hour away from his new home field, but the distance isn’t what had fans whipped into a frenzy on social media this week.

It’s understandable, as Simmons’ time in Philly ended pretty terribly. He essentially forced the 76ers to trade him to the Brooklyn Nets, and paid millions in fines to make it happen. He’s yet to play a game for his new team, either.

Fans were a bit worried that the negative energy in Simmons’ house might impact their new slugger, but fear not! According to Castellanos’ mother and wife, they saged the house when they moved it. Very Kyrie Irving of them.

And according to Nick’s wife Jess, they actually used it.

Castellanos seems to be doing just fine so far. He doubled and homered in his first series as a Phillie, and drove in three runs.

Still, the Simmons home is a reminder that Philly fans have endured a lot of disappointment, and their anxiety is not unfounded. But it’s also hard to remember of pair of Phillies who endeared themselves to the city and its fans as quickly as Castellanos and Kyle Schwarber. Their candor about just wanting to hit home runs and win ballgames is refreshing and fun as heck, and the Phillies could certainly use this new influx of energy in the midst of a decade-long postseason drought.