Is this a clue that Bryson Stott will debut on Phillies Opening Day?

Bryson Stott #73 of the Philadelphia Phillies (Photo by Julio Aguilar/Getty Images)
Bryson Stott #73 of the Philadelphia Phillies (Photo by Julio Aguilar/Getty Images) /

Bryson Stott’s latest Instagram Story hints at debut

Is Bryson Stott going to be in the Philadelphia Phillies‘ Opening Day lineup?

Let’s ignore what has been impossible to ignore: the overarching, all-encompassing fact that Major League Baseball’s lockout has stretched on for over two months, threatening – nay, guaranteeing – that Spring Training will be delayed, thereby also delaying the regular season. Instead, let’s talk about Stott, one of the few things Phillies fans should be looking forward to in 2022.

Stott is the number-two prospect in the Phillies’ organization, and also owns an impressive spot on several Top-100 MLB Prospect rankings from reputable outlets, including

The Phillies’ first-round pick in the 2019 June Amateur Draft, Stott has skyrocketed through their farm system, despite no minor-league season in 2020. Over 112 games in 2021, he ascended from High-A to Double-A, then Triple-A, and hit .299/.390/.486 with a .876 OPS, 26 doubles, two triples, 16 home runs, 71 runs scored, and 49 driven in. He also went 10-for-14 in stolen-base attempts.

Stott continued his dominance in the Arizona Fall League. Over 26 games, he slugged .318/.445/.489 with a .934 OPS, seven doubles, a triple, two home runs, 20 runs scored, and 31 RBI. He walked more (24) than he struck out (14), and stole five bases.

On Thursday, Stott posted to his Instagram Stories that Big League Chew had hooked him up with a massive care package ahead of National Bubble Gum Day, which is Friday, February 4. But we’re going to go ahead and jump the gun and say that Big League Chew, Stott, and the Phillies are preparing for Stott to play a big role in 2022.

This isn’t a grasp at straws, either; Dave Dombrowski told the media that when he spoke to Stott in the fall, he made it clear the prospect’s job was to earn a spot on the major-league roster:

"“I’ve told him, ‘You should come to spring training with the mindset of trying to win a spot with the big league club.”"

With Didi Gregorius underperforming both offensively and defensively in 2021, the door is wide open for Stott to steal his playing time, which brings us to the second piece of evidence that 2022 is the Season of Stott: Dombrowski also told the media that Gregorius’ job was not guaranteed.

"“It very well could be him. But he knows, we’ve had a discussion with him, that he needs to be better.We’re in a position where we also are going to be open-minded to what’s going to take place at shortstop next year. It could be internal. It could be him if he comes back.”“We need to get better at shortstop. We need to, if it’s internally or externally, whatever it may be, we need to do that.”"

Note the word “If.”

So maybe Big League Chew sent Stott a care package for a cute national holiday. Or maybe, they know something we don’t.

Or maybe it’s literally chewing gum and we’re just so deep into the offseason and lockout that we’re going a bit stir-crazy.

Either way, we can’t wait for Stott to be a Phillie.

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