Fans absolutely hate these Philadelphia Phillies contracts

Jake Arrieta, formerly of the Philadelphia Phillies (Photo by Hunter Martin/Getty Images)
Jake Arrieta, formerly of the Philadelphia Phillies (Photo by Hunter Martin/Getty Images) /
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Philadelphia Phillies fans absolutely hate these contracts

The Philadelphia Phillies have been around since 1883, so they’ve had ample time to make a lot of bad decisions.

This week, we asked our Twitter followers to tell us the worst contract the Phillies have ever given out, and the results were a mix of the expected and totally unexpected.

Let’s dive into what Phillies fans think are the worst contracts in the history of the franchise…

Adam Eaton

After the 2006 season, the Phillies signed Adam Eaton to a three-year deal for $24.5M, which was an absurd amount of money at the time.

Eaton had never been particularly impressive; he was coming off a 5.12 ERA season with the Texas Rangers when the Phillies inexplicably decided to shell out.

Between 2007-08, Eaton pitched to a 6.10 ERA over 51 games, and went 14-18.

And to really drive the point home about how bad he was, the Phillies ultimately decided to release Eaton and just pay him the remaining $9M on his contract.

David Robertson

David Robertson‘s Phillies tenure was a case of ‘keep your friends close and your enemies closer,’ as the Phillies had watched Robertson end their championship dreams in the 2009 World Series.

Of course, that had been almost a decade before, and the Phillies still thought they were making a good move by signing the 34-year-old for the 2019 season. To make this more embarrassing, Robertson negotiated his own deal and convinced the Phillies to pay him $23M over two years, with a club option for a third year.

Instead, he pitched in seven games, finished three, and posted a career-worst 5.40 ERA. The Phillies bought out his option for another $2M.