Bryce Harper’s wife’s MVP tribute should get Phillies fans revved up

Bryce Harper’s wife says the Phillies star wasn’t focused on individual success during his MVP season

Bryce Harper‘s wife Kayla just gave the world some insight into the mind of a Most Valuable Player.

After the Philadelphia Phillies star won his second career NL MVP award last week, his wife celebrated her husband with a carousel of photos of the pair celebrating his achievement and a heartfelt and illuminating Instagram tribute:

“MV3 🏆🥺 I’m so dang proud of you! I’ve been present to watch you do some amazing things in your career, but this season has been my favorite to share with you so far. It was one of those special seasons where it’s filled with so many highs that you don’t want it to end, and yet at the same time, still so demanding and hard that you’re just humbled to be a part of this cool life. You told me all season you didn’t want to know about your stats or what you were doing individually because it didn’t matter. I hope you can now reflect and enjoy such an incredible season that God gifted us with. Thank you for being so fun to watch on the field and so present with our family off the field. Congrats babe, you are so deserving!”

The part of this message Phillies fans should focus on is that Harper wasn’t concerned with his personal stats or individual achievement. And this isn’t the first time Harper has made that clear.

At the end of September, Harper was profiled in Sports Illustrated. He spoke to Tom Verducci about turning off comments on his Instagram posts so that he could focus on winning. The majority of comments were positive, with millions calling for him to win his second MVP award, but Harper prefers doubt because it means there’s something to motivate him and someone to silence. He likes to homer when opposing fans boo.

Harper signed the richest contract in franchise history and got even richer thanks to his stellar season. His contract included bonuses for awards won, meaning he added over half a million dollars to his 2021 earnings thanks to his Silver Slugger and MVP awards. But when Harper won his first MVP with the Phillies last week, his one-word take on the situation was that he was still “Hungry.” He’s not here for personal glory, he’s here to bring rings back to Philadelphia.

If that doesn’t get you hyped for 2022, nothing will.