Phillies rightfully start shaking up their farm system

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As the Philadelphia Phillies continue to be in a first-place race in the NL East at this point in time, it’s no secret their farm system is in dire need of changes. The truth of the matter is, the best teams in the league have farm systems that generate and develop top prospects to become future superstars. That’s how it always has been and always will be yet the Phillies are on the outside looking in when it comes to their farm system.

Unfortunately for the Phillies, they haven’t had any such luck this season in finding a hidden gem that got promoted up from their farm system straight to stardom. Considering we’ll be entering what should be a wild September to see if the Phillies can make the postseason, it would have been nice to have seen some star prospects in the mix.

Philadelphia Phillies have already begun shaking up their farm system

Team president Dave Dombrowski knows what success is all about from his previous tenures with the Florida Marlins and the Boston Red Sox, respectively. He’s been a big part of those championship teams of 1997 and 2018 and one can see exactly what a good farm system can produce with the right leadership in place.

Thankfully, Dombrowski has already started to shake up the Phillies’ farm system, and rightfully so. In an article written by Matt Breen of The Philadelphia Inquirer, he confirmed that Dombrowski reassigned Scott Proefrock and Bryan Minniti, both assistant general managers, as well as Josh Bonifay, their farm director.

Here’s what Dombrowski had to say about the changes:

"“You get to this time of year and you’re generally talking about the 2022 season and before you’re ready to do that, you have to make sure the people who are running things for you are the people who are going to correct it,” Dombrowski said. “I just thought it was appropriate to make some changes.”"

In the grand scheme of things, it’s a great sight to see Dombrowski get a head start for next season by shaking things up in the farm system. It’s crucial to the future success of the Phillies for their farm system to have the right coaches, general managers, and directors ready to push the envelope.

We’ll have to see what transpires this season with the Phillies and go from there but one thing is for sure. Changes are definitely coming to the Phillies this offseason if for some reason they miss the postseason, expect some big ones at that considered their playoff berth is right there for the taking.

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Besides their lack of scoring consistently, their farm system undoubtedly needs a ton of work. This is just the start of what’s to come as the Phillies are smart to start in their farm system now and work their way throughout the rest of the organization. Hopefully, these are the necessary changes that can help field a winning franchise for many years to come. One that gets the job done year in, year out.