Phillies must find that hitting spark before it is too late

Phillies (Mandatory Credit: Orlando Ramirez-USA TODAY Sports)
Phillies (Mandatory Credit: Orlando Ramirez-USA TODAY Sports) /

At this point in time, believe it or not, the Philadelphia Phillies are still in that super tight NL East race. It won’t be easy to make the MLB Playoffs but at the end of the day, the Phillies have a shot to make it provided they fix one of their most glaring areas. Hitting.

That’s right ladies and gentlemen, once Rhys Hoskins was out due to an unfortunate groin strain injury, it proved he was the only catalyst on offense. Without Hoskins in the lineup, the rest of the Phillies lineup suffered when it came to not only getting players on base but at least getting some hits on the stats sheet.

It was only a few weeks ago that the Phillies were on top of the NL East, looking like a serious contender and within a blink of an eye, it all came crashing down. Luckily for the Phillies, they are just a few games out of first place but for them to regain that top contender status, it all starts with getting back to basics. You know, hitting with the purpose to put some runs on the board and not always leave players stranded on bases.

Phillies need to find that spark again, with or without Rhys Hoskins

In the grand scheme of things, the players know what needs to change. Even Bryce Harper recently chimed his thoughts that he’s sick and tired of losing. He knows the offense needs that jolt and perhaps his recent comments to the public about winning games and being upset about the lack of hitting will indeed light that fire again.

As a team so far this season, the Phillies’ offense is an abysmal .237 as they’re barely averaging 3 runs per game. It’s no secret that opposing teams don’t need to fear their hitting but the Phillies need to refine themselves and get back to what worked. Focus on stringing together some wins thanks to their bats and rally towards ending the regular season good enough for a ticket to the postseason.

For the Phillies’ offense to get back on track, it can’t just be when Hoskins is in the lineup. It can’t all rely on Harper. Their pitchers shouldn’t be the only guys getting the “big hits” in baseball games. For the Phillies to get out of their hitting slump and do all the right things again, as they were just a few weeks ago, it all comes down to getting the job done all across the board. Together, as a baseball team.

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Harper is right, the Phillies are wasting time trying to figure it out all now yet again when they had it figured out a few weeks ago. The time is now to completely and utterly understand that everything that happens over these next few weeks will determine if 2021 will be a season to remember or one to forget. It’s time to fire it up and start getting hot bats again so we can all look back at this season and have something to smile about.