Phillies OF Bryce Harper Wants Citizens Bank Park to Make Huge Change

An exterior view of the front of Citizens Bank Park (Photo by Hunter Martin/Getty Images)
An exterior view of the front of Citizens Bank Park (Photo by Hunter Martin/Getty Images) /

Bryce Harper wants to see fireworks more often at the Phillies stadium.

Home runs often bring fireworks in a figurative sense to Citizens Bank Park — the home of the Philadelphia Phillies since 2004. Yet, star outfielder Bryce Harper wants to see the sky literally filled with them after every Phillies blast.

Following Friday’s doubleheader split to their division-rival Miami Marlins, the Phillies put on display their highly anticipated annual fireworks show. In an Instagram post, the team shared an amazing photo highlight from the event, with the caption “You’re fireworkin’ it, CBP.”

Among the post’s pinned comments were from 2008 World Series champion Shane Victorino — who said he misses the stadium — as well as Harper, who suggested, “We need fireworks after home runs!”

Outside of their annual July fireworks displays, the Phillies have been known to use them for postseason games. Of course, given the team’s decade-lost drought of not making “Red October,” it has been a while since fans have seen that. The most memorable Phillies firework showing was after their Game 5 win against the Tampa Bay Rays in the 2008 World Series, 13 years ago, long before Harper’s blockbuster contract; in fact, two years before he was drafted.

Perhaps the Phils have a second-half run in them and they can edge out the New York Mets for their first division title since 2011.

The only other time in memory that a player-requested change came to fruition at Citizens Bank Park was when Aaron Rowand famously collided into the center field fence in a May 2006 game. The result of that great catch was several broken bones in his face and, of course, a disabled list stint.

While Harper’s requested change is far less time-sensitive, it definitely could be a nice add to the overall already great atmosphere of watching baseball games in South Philadelphia.

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