Phillies: Tom McCarthy on routine, social media, colleagues

Philadelphia Phillies Broadcaster Tom Mccarthy (Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports)
Philadelphia Phillies Broadcaster Tom Mccarthy (Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports) /

A conversation with Phillies broadcaster Tom McCarthy

Joining the NBC Sports Philadelphia television broadcast team in 2008, Tom McCarthy quickly became a favorite not only among the Philadelphia Phillies fanbase, but also the broadcasting industry. When he is not calling Phillies games, McCarthy rarely has time off, as he can often be found on the air calling football, among other duties.

Before every Phillies game, in particular, McCarthy seems to have a set routine: “I wake up and catch up on all of yesterday’s games and stats,” McCarthy recently told That Ball’s Outta Here’s Matt Chowansky. “Then, I think about what I want to mention during the games, write it down, and then head over to the park.”

McCarthy notes that there is no pre-game production meeting; rather, all conversations that happen on-air are organic. He added that he likes the way John Kruk speaks his mind on the broadcast because it gives him something to feed off of.

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Social media fan interaction

McCarthy is known to always be willing to interact with fans. One way he does that is through social media, particularly Twitter with his more than 28,000 followers. In fact, the only reason he said he is on the social media platform is for fan interaction. While most comments sent his way are positive, of course, there are always the infamous “Twitter trolls.”

“I do not let them bother me at all,” McCarthy laughed. “Half of the time I don’t even see it. Sometimes if I see it, I will come back with a comment because most of the stuff that is sent out on Twitter is wrong. So, that’s why it’s not even worth responding to most of it.”

McCarthy added that once in a while during games, he will look on his phone and see if someone asks him a question. Often times, he will respond. You just don’t see this level of dedication and engagement from most broadcasters.

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Fan-favorite Gregg Murphy’s departure

Earlier this year, when it was announced that Gregg Murphy would not return as part of the 2021 broadcast team, McCarthy admits the news came as a shock.

“I was disappointed. More than anything else he is my friend,” McCarthy said of Murphy. “And the fact that my friend will not be with me moving forward is hard. It was tough for him from a professional standpoint, too.”

The Phillies broadcast team is family not just on the air, but also off. Not only has McCarthy hung out and enjoyed company with Murphy, but also with everyone else — including the team’s newest member, former Phillies general manager, Ruben Amaro Jr.

McCarthy praised Amaro Jr. for adding something “unique and interesting” to the broadcasts.

The 2020 season is near an end, with the World Series between the Los Angeles Dodgers and Tampa Bay Rays well underway. Soon, the Phillies will have to may key offseason decisions. Nonetheless, the next time McCarthy and company will be heard calling Phillies games, hopefully, will be spring training 2021 down in Clearwater, Florida.