Phillies: Phanatic providing laughs during odd 2020 season

The Phillie Phanatic (Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images)
The Phillie Phanatic (Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images) /

The Phillie Phanatic continues to give Phillies fans much-needed entertainment

The Phillies’ beloved mascot Phillie Phanatic is already providing laughs during this odd 2020 baseball season.

Unlike fans, the Phanatic is allowed at home games this season, and, since Opening Day has entertained us with his antics in the stands — albeit solo. After all, there is a reason he was ranked top mascot.

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One of my favorite Phanatic moments so far in 2020 is him doing one of his favorite activities: heckling. This time, though, it was a cardboard cutout of a Marlins fan. He even sprayed it with silly string, something he has done to visiting broadcasters in the booth.

It’s little things like this that make not being able to go to games in person a little more bearable, still able to see him partake in some hilarious “interactions.”

He even did his best to get “fans” in the stands into the game. It didn’t seem to work very well; nevertheless, you can’t say that he didn’t try.

Here is an extended clip of him trying to get the crowd going. Like the tweet from NBC Sports said, the Phanatic is “a 2020 mood.”

It takes dedication to attempt to get the wave going all by yourself. Too bad the cameraman didn’t join in; understandable, though, since they do have a job to do and get these games broadcast to everyone watching at home.

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Still, the poor Phanatic is having a one-person party out there. Something tells me he’s still happy, though, knowing that we still get to enjoy him, even from a distance.

The Phanatic is pretty lucky to get the stadium all to himself; it’s kind of like a private baseball game being played just for him. Well, him and the cardboard cutouts. And, who could forget the Phandemic Krew?