Didi Gregorius says Phillies don’t want to make any excuses

Didi Gregorius #18 of the Philadelphia Phillies (Photo by Hunter Martin/Getty Images)
Didi Gregorius #18 of the Philadelphia Phillies (Photo by Hunter Martin/Getty Images) /

Phillies shortstop Didi Gregorius says the team does not want to make any excuses following their recent hiatus due to the Marlins’ COVID-19 outbreak

For Philadelphia Phillies shortstop Didi Gregorius, the team has no excuses for getting back into the swing of things after their week-plus-long hiatus due to the Miami Marlins COVID-19 outbreak.

Monday evening, the Phillies fell 6-3 to the New York Yankees after their long layoff while facing Cy Young Award contender Gerrit Cole in his Yankee Stadium debut. Gregorius went 1-for-4 for the third straight game.

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“It’s [been] tough. Guys try to keep their rhythm and everything. It’s hard not doing it for so long,” the former New Yankee recently told YES Network’s Meredith Marakovits. “But, we always got to go out there and compete.”

“We don’t want to make excuses. Just go out there and do the best you can that day; hopefully, you can make adjustments in the long run.”

Overall, so far this season, Gregorius has scored three runs, three singles, two home runs, two RBI, two walks, and just one strikeout spanning 15 at-bats. The 30-year-old got off to a hot start in his first two games with the Phillies, in particular, slugging a home run in each contest.

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Gregorius said that so far, his Phillies tenure has been “great,” albeit the many ups and downs related to the COVID-19 pandemic. He says the Phillies as a team are staying together, working things out, and trying to stay positive — all the while being motivated to play the entire season as expected.

“It was a hard one. A tough one. We played the first series and [COVID-19] broke out. We weren’t on the field for like five days straight,” Gregorius recalled on how the 2020 Phillies season began late last month. “[This past] Saturday and Sunday, we finally got the chance to get batting practice and stuff in, and then play on Monday.”

Looking ahead, the Phillies are set to play a doubleheader opposite the Yankees as their home-and-home series continues. Gregorius is out of the lineup in Game 1, but will likely get a look in Game 2.

The shortstop told YES that he has had to make some short-term adjustments in order to stay game-ready, considering his team’s recent pause in play.

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“I look at it as, I haven’t played for a week, so if I just try to barrel everything up that means I will be alright. You have to survive,” Gregorius said. “I even choke up. I’m like, ‘I haven’t played for a week, so I have to choke up and just try to get the barrel to the ball.'”

“That’s all I try to do and just try to be the best I can with what I have going on right now.”