Phillies: 3 things we will miss the most about Gregg Murphy

Gregg Murphy of the Philadelphia Phillies broadcast team (Photo by Brian Garfinkel/Getty Images)
Gregg Murphy of the Philadelphia Phillies broadcast team (Photo by Brian Garfinkel/Getty Images) /
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In heartbreaking news for Phillies fans, Gregg Murphy will not return to the television broadcast team in 2021

While Philadelphia Phillies fans may be allowed to return to Citizens Bank Park in the 2021 season, longtime NBC Sports Philadelphia field reporter Gregg Murphy will not be at the venue in his broadcast role.

On Wednesday, The Philadelphia Inquirer reported that Murphy is part of the NBC Sports’ recent slew of layoffs and that he will be let go following the Phillies’ coronavirus-shortened 2020 season.

Joining the broadcast team in 2012, Murphy was quick to establish a fanbase. Known for his friendly interactions with fans at the ballpark, great reporting, and just overall being a nice guy, he’s become a Phillies staple.

Affectionately simply known as “Murph,” he’s formed good relationships with not only the Phillies players and staff, but with the fans. Often sitting in the Phillies dugout hole on the first baseline for his on-air reports, he interacted with fans by just talking baseball and personal life. You’d only have to meet him once to know that he is a nice and fun guy to be around — and that is what he is.

Murphy, who has been off the air for a few games after self-reporting symptoms, said in a statement, “I am unbelievably grateful for the time I’ve had at NBC over the last 20 years — nine and a half with the Phillies broadcast team. I very much look forward to coming back and finishing the season as soon as I’m cleared to get back to the ballpark,” Murphy tells the Inquirer.

Following the news, Phillies fans were quick to share their thoughts on Murphy’s departure:

It’s safe to say that everyone loved Murphy, and his departure is saddening for Phillies fans. Here are three things we loved and will miss the most about him.