Phillies TV, radio broadcasters weigh in on the universal DH

A baseball is seen in the National League ondeck circle (Photo by Hunter Martin/Getty Images)
A baseball is seen in the National League ondeck circle (Photo by Hunter Martin/Getty Images) /
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Phillies broadcasters have differing views on the National League having the DH

Several members of the Philadelphia Phillies television and radio broadcast teams — Scott Franzke, Larry Andersen, Jim Jackson, Tom McCarthy and Kevin Frandsen — recently got together, virtually, for their weekly Friday Night Roundtable.

And, among topics discussed included their thoughts on the National League’s likely adoption of the universal designated hitter for a shortened 2020 season.

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The designated hitter coming to the National League is part of the ongoing negotiations between Major League Baseball and the MLBPA about a return to play. Number of games in the season, an extended playoff format, full prorated pay for players, and more, are also part of discussions.

And, as part of the upcoming negotiations with the collective bargaining agreement expiring following the 2021 season, the DH very well become a permanent fixture in baseball starting in 2022.

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“The players, knowing it will prolong careers and inflate checking accounts, are advocating for it.” USA Today’s Bob Nightengale wrote last month. “Most general managers, fearful of their prized pitchers getting hurt at the plate or on the basepaths, are in favor. Many fans, wanting as much offense as possible, are craving it. It’s the traditionalists who are balking at the idea.”

The Phillies have some decisions to make as to who their full-time DH would be, and whether they decide to promote top hitting prospect Alec Bohm, given another bat would be needed for the starting lineup.

Adding the DH will surely add more offense into National League games. As Nightengale notes, pitchers slashed just .127/.137/.317 with 2,230 strikeouts across nearly 5,000 plate appearances last season.

So, whether you are a baseball purist or what more offense into the game, there are clearly divided lines. Click through to read the Phillies broadcast team members’ varying perspectives on the topic, as discussed during the roundtable.