Phillies: Nick Pivetta enters history books with DH looming

Nick Pivetta #43 of the Philadelphia Phillies (Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images)
Nick Pivetta #43 of the Philadelphia Phillies (Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images) /

With the DH looming, Nick Pivetta appears to have made Phillies history

Philadelphia Phillies right-handed pitcher Nick Pivetta appears to be entering the organization’s history books, albeit thus far making just 89 career appearances.

Among the rumored news on Wednesday that Major League Baseball and the players union are getting closer to an agreement for a 2020 season, there also came a report by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel’s Tom Haudricourt that would forever change the landscape for every National League team.

According to the baseball scribe, the pending agreement includes the designated hitter being adopted for both the 2020 and 2021 seasons. “Then comes new CBA,” Haudricourt adds, “which almost certainly will include it. So, NL is a DH league now.”

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The universal DH has long been reported as a possibility of being part of a shortened 2020 season; now, it appears even more likely, while also being a part of the 2021 season as well. Then, the collective bargaining agreement’s expiration following next season will likely result in the universal DH being permanently adopted.

Seeing pitchers bat has been a part of the Phillies culture. We would have never seen Joe Blanton become revered as much as he is today, had he not connected with a home run in the 2008 World Series. And, of course, Brett Myers, working a walk opposite CC Sabathia in the NLDS two series prior, setting up Shane Victorino‘s grand slam.

There’s a third Phillies pitcher that will forever go down in the organization’s history books; not to the same level as Blanton and Myers for helping the team to a World Series championship. But, for being the last ever.

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On Saturday, September 28, of last season, the Phillies’ 161st game, Nick Pivetta became the last pitcher in red pinstripes to record a plate appearance before the universal DH.

Fittingly, just as Myers did in the postseason, Pivetta walked before a 9-3 victory opposite the Miami Marlins. His plate appearance came while leading off in the bottom of the eighth, as he pitched in the game as a reliever.

No Phillies pitcher batted in the season finale.

So, yes, Pivetta will likely forever go down in the Phillies’ history books once the DH is adopted. And, there is still a chance for his “breakout season,” too.