Phillies Mock Draft: Building the greatest team of all-time

Philadelphia Phillies (Photo by Hunter Martin/Getty Images)
Philadelphia Phillies (Photo by Hunter Martin/Getty Images) /
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PHILADELPHIA – AUGUST 10: (L-R) Phillies Alumni and Hall of Famers Jim Bunning, Steve Carlton, and Mike Schmidt stand on the field during a pre game ceremony before a game between the Philadelphia Phillies and the New York Mets at Citizens Bank Park on August 10, 2014 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The Phillies won 7-6. (Photo by Hunter Martin/Getty Images) /

Who can build the greatest Phillies team in a three-team mock draft?

What would it look like if you built the greatest Phillies team of all-time? Now, imagine if three people were trying to build it in a mock draft, forcing you to make decisions over the greatest at one position versus the need to fill another.

That Ball’s Outta Here co-editors George Stockburger and Matt Rappa, along with contributor David Esser, sat down and did an all-time Phillies team mock draft with players from 1940 on, similar to The Athletic‘s mock (subscription required).

Each team had eight starting position players, five starting pitchers, one reliever, and one bench player. We did the mock draft in a “snake mock” style with David having the first pick, George the second, and Matt the third. Matt then had the fourth, George the fifth, David the sixth and seventh, and so on until we each made 15 picks.

At the end, we layout our final teams and you can vote to decide who has the best squad.

We’ve also included our commentary from during the draft, edited for clarity.

With the first pick, who else but…

6. . 3B. Philadelphia Phillies. Mike Schmidt. 1. player

David Esser
Give me Mike Schmidt.

2. player. 6. . LHP. Philadelphia Phillies. Steve Carlton

George Stockburger
With the second pick, I’m taking Steve Carlton. Easy pick, no other way to go to build a team.

3. player. 6. . CF. Philadelphia Phillies. Richie Ashburn

Matt Rappa

With the third pick, I am taking CF Richie Ashburn.

SS. Philadelphia Phillies. Jimmy Rollins. 4. player. 6.

Matt Rappa

With the fourth pick, franchise hits leader Jimmy Rollins.

George Stockburger
Easy picks there, I think that’s two of the top three hits leaders in team history

player. 6. . 2B. Philadelphia Phillies. Chase Utley. 5

I’ll take Chase Utley fifth overall

David Esser
You guys are the worst. Rollins and Utley were the top two names on my board. While I had dreams of creating the greatest infield in franchise history.

6. . 1B. Philadelphia Phillies. Ryan Howard. 6. player

I’ll have to settle with Ryan Howard at number six. 930 HRs combined between him and Schmidt…

7. player. 6. . RF. Philadelphia Phillies. Bryce Harper

I’ve committed to the HRs, give me Bryce at number seven

George Stockburger/Matt Rappa


David Esser

Three MVPs with my first three picks. Sorry not sorry!

6. . RHP. Philadelphia Phillies. Robin Roberts. 8. player

George Stockburger

I considered Harper earlier as well. I’ll keep building a great pitching staff with Robin Roberts

David Esser

Carlton and Roberts is quite the one-two punch

George Stockburger

Doesn’t get much better than that

. CF. Philadelphia Phillies. Bobby Abreu. 9. player. 6

Matt Rappa

Rivals the R2C2 rotation. I’m taking Bobby Abreu with my first of two picks.

David Esser/George Stockburger

Abreu is one of the most underrated Phils ever

Philadelphia Phillies. Roy Halladay. 10. player. 6. . RHP

Matt Rappa

And, I have to go with Doc with my other