Phillies history: This fan was infamously tased 10 years ago

Philadelphia Phillies (Photo by Rob Tringali/SportsChrome/Getty Images)
Philadelphia Phillies (Photo by Rob Tringali/SportsChrome/Getty Images) /

Ten years ago today, a 17-year-old Phillies fan infamously ran onto the field during a game and was tased by police; the incident resulted in a rule change.

A lot has changed about the Philadelphia Phillies over the past 10 years.

Their May 3, 2010, series opener opposite Albert Pujols, Jaime Garcia and the St. Louis Cardinals (17-8) — just their 25th meaningful game since the 2009 World Series — featured a Phillies lineup that consisted of Shane Victorino, Placido Polanco, Chase Utley, Ryan Howard, Jayson Werth, Raul Ibanez, Juan Castro, Carlos Ruiz, and Joe Blanton.

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The game was a close matchup through the first six frames, before the Cardinals rallied for five runs in the top of the seventh. Werth launched his fourth home run of the season in the latter half, but then, perhaps the most memorable part of the early May contest took place.

And, it’s still remembered to this day.

In the eighth inning, a 17-year-old male fan ran onto the field; and, after several attempts to capture him, a police officer resorted to using a Taser gun.

“The fan, wearing a baseball cap, red T-shirt and khaki shorts, hopped a fence and scurried around the outfield, eluding two security officers,” The Associated Press writes. “One officer used a Taser and the fan went down in a heap. Several Phillies placed gloves over their faces and appeared to be stifling laughter at the wild scene.”

After the incident, the Philadelphia police began investigating the matter and discussed with the Phillies about the appropriateness of their stun gun use; then-Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey today reporters that the fan had no business being on the field, and that the officer’s use of force was appropriate.

The fan was charged with criminal trespass and related offenses, according to AP. A judge later sentenced him to complete 80 hours of public service; he was also placed on six months’ probation. Also, Phillies history was made that night for not the ideal reason, as it was the first time a Taser was used by police at a game to apprehend a spectator who ran onto the field.

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Because of the incident, the Phillies enacted a policy change that their own security guards must chase and secure any trespassing fan, before the turning them over to police.

As the 2020 season continues to be delayed, we all continue to miss being at Citizens Bank Park. The sights, sounds and ambiance, everything about it. And, you never know when something like this can take place.