Phillies Bryce Harper reveals his all-time “must-win” lineup

Bryce Harper, Philadelphia Phillies (Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images)
Bryce Harper, Philadelphia Phillies (Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images) /

Phillies outfielder Bryce Harper built his all-time baseball lineup

If you, as a fan, had to choose the roster for one “do or die” game of baseball, who would you include on your team? Would you prioritize loading up on some of the old school legends like Babe Ruth or Barry Bonds? How about some more modern day stars like Mike Trout and Derek Jeter? Would you focus on velocity or control when it comes to your starting pitcher?

With the MLB season on pause due to COVID-19, a common trend that has popped up around the baseball world is that of posting what your dream lineup would consist of in this scenario. Players and fans alike have taken to social media to show who would crack their nine man team.

Posted in response to MLB’s official Instagram account, Phillies superstar right fielder Bryce Harper laid out what his personal lineup would look like.

  1. SS Cal Ripken Jr.
  2. CF The Kid (Ken Griffey Jr.)
  3. RF Mickey Mantle
  4. LF Mike Trout
  5. 3B Mike Schmidt
  6. 1B Jimmie Foxx
  7. 2B Chase Utley
  8. C Josh Gibson
  9. P Clfff Lee

Manager: Charlie Manuel

Including guys like Ripken, Griffey, Mantle, Foxx, and Gibson are pretty much no-brainers. All respective legends in their own regards, you really couldn’t create a baseball dream team without at least including a few of these trademark Hall of Famers.

The only current player to make this list is, of course, Mike Trout. A player who Harper has publicly talked positively about before, Trout is on track to go down as one of the greatest baseball players in MLB history. When Harper first signed his deal with the Phillies last spring, he very famously began openly recruiting Trout to join him in a few years. Unfortunately, Trout signed his own mega-extension with the Angels just a few days later.

Three Phillies made this list in Schmidt, Utley and Lee. Mike Schmidt, being one of the greatest third basemen in baseball history, had been making a lot of people’s lists already. He belongs right up there with the previously mentioned Ripken’s and Griffey’s.

Chase Utley, being the Philly legend that he is, most likely snuck onto this list with a little bit of favoritism from Harper. However, Utley is easily the greatest second baseman to ever dawn a Phillies uniform, and deserves a ton of credit for delivering a World Series win to the city in 2008.

The major surprise on this list has to be Cliff Lee. While he was dominant during his two quick stints with Philadelphia, most people don’t consider him one of the all-time greats. Harper clearly must have some fond memories of the lefty dominating the Yankees back during the 2009 World Series.

Charlie Manuel locking up the manager spot shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone. Not only is Manuel a legendary manager, but Harper has repeatedly expressed how much he loves the guy. Harper noticeably had a great connection with Manuel back in the second half of 2019, when the ex-manager was brought on to be the team’s hitting coach. Harper exploded in the second half of the season, crediting a lot of his success to the former Phillies skipper and his instructions.

Prior to MLB’s operations being suspended, Harper was absolutely lighting up spring training. Hopefully, when baseball returns, the right fielder will be able to keep that same form.