Phillies legend Charlie Manuel provides health update

Manager Charlie Manuel #41 of the Philadelphia Phillies (Photo by Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images)
Manager Charlie Manuel #41 of the Philadelphia Phillies (Photo by Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images) /

Former Phillies manager Charlie Manuel has provided an update on his health

Phillies all-time winningest manager Charlie Manuel has been in the thoughts and prayers of Phillies fans in the Delaware Valley and around the world after posting several pictures of himself in and out of the hospital.

Charlie looked much different in several pictures posted to his Twitter page and shared that he was admitted to Jefferson University Hospital on Christmas Eve and spent his 76th birthday there due to an undisclosed health problem

We now have an update from Uncle Charlie himself on what exactly happened and where he stands.

According to his latest post, on Dec. 16 he had infected hernia repair mesh removed in Florida. In the days to follow he had a bowel resection and was transferred from Florida to Philadelphia.

On Dec. 30 he dealt with a bowel obstruction but was released Jefferson on Jan. 11. He went out for some liquid diet and found some of the city’s best soups after appearing to have lost a dramatic amount of weight.

The concern grew from fans as they saw those pictures of Manuel looking visibly frail. It sounds like his diet was very restricted, which would make sense of why he looked so frail and given the nature of his issue.

A couple of days ago he shared that he’s is/was in Magee Rehabilitation at Jefferson reconditioning.

Concern was clearly on the minds of former players such as Aaron Rowand, who made a trip to Philadelphia to check in on his old skipper.

Charlie looks like he’s recovering well and hopefully all is good going forward.

It’s certainly good to know what’s going on with Charlie, arguably one of, if not the, most beloved figures not just in Philadelphia sports, but in the history of the city.

Manuel won a Phillies franchise-record 780 games in nine seasons, including back-to-back pennants and the city’s first World Series championship in 28 years.