Phillies Promote Longtime Canadian Scout Alex Agostino

A general view of baseballs (Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images)
A general view of baseballs (Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images) /

Longtime and internationally acclaimed Phillies scout Alex Agostino has been promoted to crosschecker, covering Canada to North Carolina.

The Phillies are overhauling plenty of aspects of their organization this offseason, starting from the clubhouse all the way to the minor leagues and their scouting department.

On Friday, the organization promoted its longtime Northeast Scouting Supervisor/area scout Alex Agostino to cross checker, “covering from Canada all the way south the North Carolina,” according to the Canadian Baseball Network’s Bob Elliott.

Agostino has been involved in amateur and professional baseball for 35 years as a player, coach, administrator and scout across Canada and the Northeast U.S. And, since 1995, Agostino has been a scout, first working for the Montreal Expos and Florida Marlins, before joining the Phillies. He has discovered many players over the years, including catcher Russell Martin.

Agostino has been recognized for his success and influence as a professional pitcher, coach, and scout in Quebec, Canada, Softball Canada notes:

"His numerous experiences included contributing his professional knowledge to Baseball Quebec as technical director. Furthermore, he won, in 1990, the Canadian Championship with the Quebec junior team as the assistant coach and was appointed head coach for the national team in 1994, with whom he got to the World Championship. It is worth noting that Mr. Agostino also worked as a coach for the Major League Baseball, where he was tasked with developing baseball in Europe. In parallel to his coaching positions, he also worked on expanding Sport Studies programs, which significantly contributed to baseball’s influence in Quebec."

Last winter, the New York Professional Scout’s Association recognized the Phillies’ Agostino its Scout of the Year.

Agostino’s promotion comes nearly one week since their South Texas Area Scout, Will Brunson, tragically passed away at 49 due to a heart attack while hiking.