Phillies in danger of losing a coach to manager job?

The Phillies could lose a couple of coaches to new jobs this offseason

Despite collapsing at the end of the season, several members of the Phillies coaching staff could be hot commodities on the managerial market this offseason. While the Phillies production doesn’t sell well, their ability to work with today’s players and understand baseball’s newest trends will.

That’s why Major League Player Information Coordinator Sam Fuld has been mentioned as a potential candidate for the Texas Rangers manager job by the Dallas Morning News.

After playing nearly 600 games for the Rays, Atheltics, Cubs, and Twins Fuld went directly from the field to the dugout, joining Kapler’s first staff in Philadelphia.

The Phillies media guide describes Fuld’s role with the team as who will “integrate the use of information in all areas of on-field performance and preparation and make recommendations regarding the most effective areas of future research and analysis.”

Essentially, Fuld breaks down the numbers and matchups and tells players who to use it to their advantage. To hear a player who recently retired explain this information instead of someone who has never worn a uniform is an big deal for current players.

Fuld would follow Gabe Kapler in being a former player with no managerial experience who steps into the big chair.

One other coach on the staff who could get interest in a managerial job is bench coach Rob Thomson, who was a finalist for the Yankees job before Aaron Boone received it.

Thomson was described by Yankees general manager Brian Cashman as one of the best in the business and someone who “will keep the rudder steady every step of the way.” Thomson felt like someone who could make sure Kapler understood the nuances of being a manager when both were hired.

It’ll be interesting to see if any other coaches get a call, but for now keep an eye on Fuld and Thomson as teams like the Rangers and Orioles begin their managerial searches.