Phillies: Top Five First Basemen in Franchise History

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While the Phillies rebuilding process continues with numerous changes in the coaching staff and likely player personnel, we take a look back to list the top five first basemen in franchise history.

Honorable mention: Don Hurst (1928 – 1934)

Likely known only to a Phillies historian, Don Hurst had seven solid seasons with the Phillies. Among first basemen in franchise history, Hurst ranks second in batting average, third in home runs, OPS and runs scored and fourth in slugging percentage.

In 1929, Hurst hit 31 home runs with 125 RBI and led the league in RBI with 143 in 1932, earning MVP consideration. He hit .300 or better four consecutive seasons with the Phillies. Hurst played 40 games with the Phillies in 1934 and 51 games with the Cubs, retiring following the season.


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