Phillies fan follows through on Chicken Nugget promise

PHILADELPHIA, PA - AUGUST 23: Rhys Hoskins /

One Phillies fans was a man of his word and bought everyone food

On September 14th, Phillies fan Damon Miller Jr. made a promise that if Rhys Hoskins homers in the game that he would buy everyone chicken nuggets.

Well, Rhys Hoskins did go yard in that game.

And on Tuesday, September 19th, at a home game against the Los Angeles Dodgers, Damon followed through on his promise.

He arrived at the game with a whole bag full of McDonalds chicken nuggets.

All fans who came to the first base gate indeed got free chicken nuggets, thanks to Damon.

When he initially promised, it didn’t seem like a legitimate promise. But, it was indeed legitimate. His nice gesture made a good impression on both Damon Miller and the Phillies organization as a whole.

Later that night, Miller posted a picture to his Twitter account with a Rhys Hoskins ball.

He reportedly gave away 500 chicken nuggets to fans, from 50 different boxes. But, the best part about it, he didn’t have to pay a single dime. The Phillies organization paid the bill.

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After less then two months in the big leagues, Rhys Hoskins seems to be known to all baseball fans, around the country. Hoskins, who is just 24-years old, already has 18 home runs.

Most recently, he was awarded the National League Rookie of the Month last month.

In addition, he has racked up five awards this season (both with the Phillies and Lehigh Valley Ironpigs). He was named the International League Most Valuable Player, after he led the league in home runs.

Other awards include International Rookie of the Year, International League Post-Season All Star, and the International League MidSeason All Star award.

He definitely deserves the awards he’s been honored with, and he’s been growing his fan base nation-wide now.

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Phillies fans are excited to see what kind of season he’ll have next year.