Phillies: Radio voice Larry Andersen cutting back travel next season

A statue of Mike Schmidt outside Citizens Bank Park (Photo by Corey Perrine/Getty Images)
A statue of Mike Schmidt outside Citizens Bank Park (Photo by Corey Perrine/Getty Images) /

Phillies fans will hear less of Scott Franzke and LA starting next season

One of baseball’s great radio duos could be getting a new look starting next season, as Phillies radio color analyst Larry Andersen will be cutting down his time on the road.

In 2016 Fangraphs rated play-by-play voice Scott Franzke and Andersen sixth among MLB radio voices. The duo have worked together since 2007, and recently the team has worked former players into the booth as a potential platoon in place of the former pitcher.

Andersen, 64, first notified the Phillies last year that he’s cutting back his travel schedule starting next season. He cited wanting to be home and little nuances being on his nerves while traveling or at the game.

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"“It’ll be the first time I’ll have significant time off in the summer in 48 years. I’m just really getting tired of the travel. More than anything, I catch myself letting little things bother me on the road, even the game. You want to be home. Honestly, I find myself getting grumpy and I don’t want to do that. It’s not fair to the fans. It’s not fair to the organization. I don’t like being that way. It’s my form of taking a chill pill, really.”"

Andersen has always come across as the lovable grumpy fan in the stands, a persona that works incredibly well with Franzke, who’s nearly 20 years younger than his radio partner.

This season the organization brought former Phillies Doug Glanville, J.C. Romero, Kevin Stocker and Kevin Jordan into the radio booth to gauge their chemistry with Franzke. Glanville worked for ESPN as a television color analyst from 2010-17.

While the television booth has been scrambled since the sudden death of Harry Kalas in 2009 Franzke and LA have been constants in car rides and down the shore.

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Andersen played the majority of his 17-year career with Philadelphia, appearing in 241 games as a reliever with a 3.27 ERA.