Rhys Hoskins vs Domonic Brown: There’s hope for Phillies fans

PHILADELPHIA, PA - JULY 30: Domonic Brown
PHILADELPHIA, PA - JULY 30: Domonic Brown /

Phillies rookie Rhys Hoskins hot start has some fans dealing with flashbacks

Domonic Brown is the biggest bust in Phillies history after going from the best prospect in baseball the team refused to trade to an outcast in the Blue Jays farm system.

The early success of Brown once he got an opportunity to start has every fan on edge when seeing a prospect debut. Because of Brown there will always be a “yeah, but remember,” that gives fans pause.

Let’s compare Brown’s month of May to Hoskins this year to see if they stack up.

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Brown’s historic month of May in 2013 lasted 109 at bats over 28 games. Hitting .303 with 12 home runs the prized outfielder struck out 21 times and walked zero.

Hoskins’ first 108 at bats were, for the most part, fairly similar. He’s smashed 14 home runs with a .296 batting average. The only, but perhaps the biggest difference between the two, was the walks and strikeouts; Hoskins has struck out 26 times and walked 21.

Hoskins’ ability to get on base is paramount to his early, and hopefully continued, success in the major leagues. It’s one of the aspects of the game Brown never worked out and Hoskins has virtually mastered.

PHILADELPHIA, PA – AUGUST 27: Rhys Hoskins /

Brown pulled 74% of his 27 home runs last season, while Hoskins has pulled only 57% of his home runs this season. The young first baseman is powerful and smart enough to know when he has to pull and when he can drive the ball to straightaway center.

In 39 at bats when the pitcher was ahead Hoskins hit .282 compared to Brown’s abysmal .185 in the same scenario. In 128 games when facing a two-strike count Brown hit .155 with seven home runs. Hoskins hit .257 with eight home runs in only 31 games.

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All these stats and more are reasons fans should feel confident in Hoskins going forward. It’s unlikely he keeps up the home run pace, but knowing he can hit and work the count gives the Phillies peace of mind going into 2018.