Phillies should inquire on DFA’d catcher Miguel Montero

PHILADELPHIA, PA - JUNE 08: Addison Russell
PHILADELPHIA, PA - JUNE 08: Addison Russell /

Phillies have a unique opportunity to add another veteran to the mix, in catcher Miguel Montero.

After publicly attacking teammate Jake Arrieta for his slow delivery affecting opposing base runners, the Chicago Cubs have designated catcher Miguel Montero for assignment.

If I’m the Phillies and general manager Matt Klentak, I’m incredibly interested in the services of Montero.

At 33-years-old Montero adds the veteran catcher who can mentor Andrew Knapp and Jorge Alfaro behind the plate. He brings the presence lost by the trading of Carlos Ruiz and not re-signing A.J. Ellis this offseason.

Montero also knows how to call a baseball game and work with pitchers, something pitching coach Bob McClure has been vocal about regarding Cameron Rupp.

I would absolutely love to see Montero’s bat in the lineup as well, as he’s hitting .286 in 44 games this season. It’s not about winning, necessarily, but developing the culture in the clubhouse and on the field.

Not losing 110 games would be nice as well.

Chicago has a couple of days to either trade Montero or release him into free agency. If the interest around the league is high on Montero from a trade perspective I’m still interested as a member of the Phillies front office.

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How much it would take, I’m not certain. Would this be a “player to be named later/cash” type of deal, or would the Phillies need to move a player such as Cameron Rupp?

Acquiring Montero could mean a couple of things for Rupp: the Phillies move him to Chicago, the team utilizes a three-man catching team with Knapp, Rupp, and Montero, or Rupp is moved in a separate deal for a team just looking for a bat.

Rupp is far from being a piece of the future in Philadelphia. His replacements are already in the system, and his inability to work with pitchers is mindboggling. Replacing him this year with Montero helps not only Knapp, who should be the starter at this point, but pitchers such as Vince Velasquez, Aaron Nola, and Jerad Eickhoff.

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It’s time for the Phillies to get another established catcher in the organization, this time in the form of a World Champion with a productive bat and the ability to step up when needed.