Phillies Make Sure We Don’t Insult the Phillie Phanatic


The Phillies don’t take too kindly to anyone dissing the Phillie Phanatic, as they dissed out quite the blow to 97.5 The Fanatic on Twitter.

The Phillie Phanatic has been part of the experience at Phillies home games since 1978, making him a part of the team for nearly 40 years. Fans visiting Veterans Stadium and later Citizens Bank Park are able to enjoy his many antics, from dancing on the dugout to spraying Silly String on announcers.

However, not everyone is enthralled with the Phanatic. 97.5 The Fanatic, one of the local sports radio stations, posted a poll on Twitter asking if they were tired of the mascot:

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The responses were less than hospitable. One simply tweeted a GIF of a scene from The Office, “closing the door” on the station for even asking the question. Another stated, “Anyone who chooses yes and is a Phillies fan needs their card revoked.” Even the Reading Fightin’ Phils got in on the action, tweeting their own disapproving GIF towards the Fanatic.

The quickest, most concise response though, was the one the team’s official account gave, which echoed many of the fans who replied:

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Reactions ranged from Mike Tyson knockouts, to more The Office scenes, to a photoshop of the Phanatic and Fanatic of the Allen Iverson stepover.

The Fanatic, seeing they had been outwitted, conceded their loss to the team. A majority of their followers still approved of the station in their own approval poll. Although, it’s hard to say how many followers they may have lost due to asking about the Phanatic.

The Phils have stepped up their social media game recently, and this latest tweet only adds to a long line of top-notch interactions.

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If nothing else, they showed that you don’t mess with the best mascot in baseball.