Phillies Have Reminded Us How Lucky We Were in 2008


Phillies fans have been paying their dues as a franchise for far too long. For your sanity as a Philadelphia fan, I highly suggest doing this one thing

During the Phillies game against the Giants Friday night, I was half watching the game, and half surfing on my phone. With the Phillies ahead 2-1 in the top of the fifth inning, I muted the game and turned on Game 5 of the 2008 World Series.

I was only in middle school when they won, but I could remember every moment. Each hit, out, and pitch is engrained in my memory. I found the entire taping of Game 5 and the first thing you heard were 45,000 roaring fans. I skipped to the top of the sixth inning and watched the Rays tie the game right before the tarp came onto the field and we had to wait 46 hours for the bottom of the sixth inning.

I watched Geoff Jenkins smash a ball to the right-center field wall for his first hit of the series, then an error brought him home thanks to Jayson Werth to make it a 3-2 game.

Rocco Baldelli tied up the game with a solo home run, but Chase Utley made his famous throw to home to keep the game at three apiece.

Pat Burrell missed a home run off that left-center field wall and represented the tying run at second base. He was pulled for Eric Bruntlett, making that his final hit as a Phillie. Pedro Feliz brought in Bruntlett.

Brad Lidge came in for the ninth inning, and the rest, as we all know, is history.

I watched Ryan Howard truck Lidge and Chooch in-front of the mound, Victorino screaming out in center field, Jimmy leap and sprint towards the pile, and Geoff Jenkins awkwardly laying on the side of the pile before jumping back on top of his teammates.

The broadcast went to break, and Joe Buck came back on air. He sent it over to the Harry Kallas call, and I immediately choked up at the sound of his name. I have the entire call memorized, right down to the timing and annunciations, as many fans do. A sole tear came from my eye thinking of Harry.

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A healthy David Montgomery then took to the stage and recognized the fans and his team. Pat Gillick deflected whether or not he would retire after the season, and Charlie Manuel told the fans this one was for them.

Cole Hamels was presented the World Series MVP and with a voice that was still a bit high, he accepted the award from Commissioner Selig.

I watched Utley grabbing champagne bottle after champagne bottle and spray his teammates across the clubhouse. The cameras showed Jamie Moyer and his entire family out on the field posing for a picture.

I felt as if I was back in 2008 watching Rollins, Utley, Hamels, Howard, Moyer, Lidge, even Jayson Werth celebrate on the field.

When the video ended, I turned back to 2016 and unmuted the Phillies/Giants game. They were losing 5-2 at the top of the eighth inning with Cesar Hernandez up to bat and Tom McCarthy on the call.

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I chuckled at what a dramatic change I just witnessed. I went from Pat Burrell driving the ball to center field, and Pedro Feliz driving in the go-ahead run to Hernandez up to bat and later to Andres Blanco grounding out with the bases loaded.

The entire thing hit me like a freight train. It’s incredible that we went from having 45,000 fans in the stands watching multiple players on their way to Hall of Fame careers, to watching Ryan Howard demoted to being a bench player.

For the sake of your Philadelphia sports health, watch Game 5, even if it’s just the final couple of innings after the 46 hour rain delay.

We are paying our dues as a fanbase.

Remember how fortunate we were, remember how passionate we are, and just know good things are right around the corner.