Phillies Four 2008: TBOH Poll


As a takeoff on the current feature being produced by Major League Baseball in which an MLB Franchise Four fan vote is currently being conducted, we here at TBOH have decided to conduct a fun little poll of our own based on the 2008 World Series champion Philadelphia Phillies.

Fans of the ball club can now vote in the poll below, and let us know those players who you feel were the four most vital members of that 2008 title-winning club.

Just the 2nd to win a world championship in franchise history, those Phillies provided many thrills and chills during the season and on through the NLDS victory over the Milwaukee Brewers, the NLCS win over the Los Angeles Dodgers, and finally that six game World Series victory over the Tampa Bay Rays that included a Game Six that was split in half by torrential rains.

Perhaps an exciting hitter like Shane Victorino or Jayson Werth will be on your own list. A long time franchise stalwart such as Jimmy Rollins or Pat Burrell will make it for others. And the usual fan favorites such as Ryan Howard, Chase Utley, and Carlos Ruiz are sure to see plenty of support.

Maybe you are a pitching fan, and you’ll find a spot for Brett Myers, Cole Hamels, Jamie Moyer, Ryan Madson, or Brad Lidge. Perhaps even Phillies manager Charlie Manuel makes it on to your own 2008 Phillies Four ballot.

There is no wrong choice or answer, this is all up to your own personal choice. Who excited you the most? Who do you feel was invaluable? Which four players do you feel were the four most important to that club winning baseball’s ultimate prize.

Our 2008 Phillies Four poll voting will continue right through the entire month of May, and we’ll announce the honorees during the first week of June both at our website, and on our social media feeds at Twitter and Facebook.