Phillies Phantasy Phive: 2015 Week One


Throughout the season here at TBOH, we will be giving you our top 5 fantasy performers for the Phillies for the past week. This week’s “Phillies Phantasy Phive” opens with a couple familiar names. Who’s on the list? Let’s take a look.

<strong><a href=. . Previous: NRth. Aaron Harang - SP. 1. team. 6

6. <strong><a href=. . Previous: NRth. Cole Hamels - SP. 2. team

3. team. 6. Surprisingly, pitching has carried the Phillies (3-3) in the first week of the season. Losing <strong><a href=. . Previous: NRth. Jerome Williams - SP

Previous: NRth. Cody Asche - 3B. 4. team. 6. The Phillies bats haven’t been the liveliest in the first week of the season. However, <strong><a href=.

. Previous: NRth. Carlos Ruiz - C. 5. team. 6. <strong><a href=

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