Top 20 Phillies of All-Time (16-20)

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20 Greatest Phillies
TBOH presents the 20 Greatest Phillies of All-Time /

Welcome to 2015 here at TBOH, and we’re starting off the New Year with something special. Over the next four days we’ll be presenting the Top 20 Phillies of All-Time.

These aren’t just players, though you’ll find plenty of them represented. We’ll be showcasing the 20 individuals who we believe have had the greatest positive influence over the course of the 132-season history of this star-crossed franchise.

There will be players, coaches, managers, general managers, owners,  broadcasters, and writers. There will be multiple Baseball Hall of Famers and Phillies Wall of Famers, though not every Phillies HOFer is on the list.

Many of the names will be familiar, and a number are obvious. A few may be names, faces, and stories that some have never known.

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You will certainly have your own ideas on who should have been included, and your own reworking of the ranking. We’d love to have your input. Leave comments on this article, and visit us at both Facebook and on Twitter @FS_TBOH.

We’ll be presenting five new Phillies in a countdown format each day. So let’s get it started with the #20-15 figures in our countdown: