Phillies Potential Target: Brandon Morrow


Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

Brandon Morrow

2014 team: Toronto Blue Jays

Key 2014 stats: 1-3 W-L, 5.67 ERA, 30 K, 18 BB

A few years ago, Brandon Morrow looked like he was developing into one of the best starters in the American League. He led the majors in strikeouts per nine innings in 2011, and followed that up with a 2.96 ERA the next year.

Unfortunately, injuries halted his ascension. Thanks to a variety of ailments, he’s only managed 23 total starts over the past two years. Plus, he hasn’t been especially effective when healthy. He’s recorded an ERA over 5 in both seasons.

Why he might be a good fit

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

If he could stay healthy, it’s not unreasonable to think that Morrow could recapture his 2012 form. Even though he’s struggled the past two years, he’s still managed to strike out an impressive number of batters.

Considering his injury history, Morrow probably won’t receive too many lucrative offers, so he might be one of the cheaper options out there.

Why he might not be a good fit

Morrow just can’t seem to stay healthy. He’s only managed to throw more than 150 innings in one season, and that came four years ago.

The Phillies have a lot of pitchers with injury issues contending for rotation spots. Do they really need one more?

My take

Morrow may come cheaply, but I don’t think cheap should be the Phillies’ main concern. They need pitchers who can be depended on to take the ball every five days.

Morrow may provide upside, but the Phillies already have one high-upside injury risk pitcher in Cliff Lee. What they need is more of a dependable innings-eater.