TBOH Awards – Starting Pitcher: Cole Hamels


Sep 23, 2014; Miami, FL, USA; Philadelphia Phillies starting pitcher Cole Hamels (35) delivers a pitch during the sixth inning against the Miami Marlins at Marlins Ballpark. The Marlins won 2-0. Mandatory Credit: Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Now that Major League Baseball’s top awards have been handed out, we at TBOH wanted to share our thoughts with our own award series. First up is the Philadelphia Phillies starting pitcher of the year. As you may have guessed, there wasn’t a lot of debate here. Cole Hamels was the unanimous choice.

Here’s the thoughts of the staff…

Chris Eckstine – Cole Hamels

A 9-9 record doesn’t do justice to the strong season Hamels had. I still have to wonder if he’d have completed a no-hitter even with a high pitch count. Let’s not forget Hamels absolutely set the table in the four-pitcher combined no-no on Labor Day. It was like a mini-holiday every five days because Hamels was simply that good when the Phillies were simply that bad. He didn’t get Cy Young Award votes for nothing.

There’s a reason Hamels is drawing so much trade interest at the moment. His best days may still be ahead of him. This was the only clear choice.

Mattew Veasey – Cole Hamels

About as easy a choice as there could be with the 2014 Phillies and awards. Hamels led the team’s starting pitchers in strikeouts, was 2nd innings pitched, and led in ERA and WHIP by a wide margin. Cliff Lee did well, but was hurt and made just 13 starts. Jerome Williams was excellent, but across just 9 starts. AJ Burnett led in IP and Starts, Kyle Kendrick in Wins, but neither gave much quality. Hamels did quality work over 30 starts all season long.

Mike Lacy – Cole Hamels

In 2011, the Phillies rotation was led by four aces. In 2014, only one remained, but fortunately, he was at the top of his game.

Thanks to an offseason injury, Cole Hamels had a delayed start to the 2014 season. But once he got going, he was amazing. His 9-9 record may not reflect it, but he was one of the National League’s top starters.

The 2014 Phillies might not have been a great team, but at least fans knew that they’d have a solid chance of victory every five days.

Oliver Fisher – Cole Hamels

No question here for me, it has to be Cole Hamels. Once again Cole was stellar throughout the season, going 9-9 despite a 2.46 ERA. His strikeout numbers were impressive, notching 198 and walking only 59.

The story again was a lack of run support that at times must have made Hamels feel that conceding 1 run would get him the loss, and there is nothing that can be blamed more than the at times incompetent offense. That, however, is another rant for another day.

Honorable mention goes to Jerome Williams, who was fantastic and fully deserved his new deal in my opinion.