The aftermath of the Phillies no-hitter


Sep 1, 2014; Atlanta, GA, USA; Philadelphia Phillies relief pitcher Ken Giles (53), starting pitcher Cole Hamels (35), relief pitcher Jonathan Papelbon (58), and relief pitcher Jake Diekman (63) are interviewed after a combined no-hitter against the Atlanta Braves at Turner Field. Mandatory Credit: Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

Fighting for fourth place is hardly how the Philadelphia Phillies wanted to spend their 2014 season, but a combined no-hitter on Labor Day was easily a high point of the season.

Monday’s no-hitter was the 12th in Phillies history (though it was the first combined) and was just the third combined no-hitter in Major League Baseball history to involve four pitchers.  It was the fourth no-no in baseball in 2014.

Cole Hamels, Jake Diekman, Ken Giles and Jonathan Papelbon were caught by Carlos Ruiz who has been behind the plate for the last three Phillies no-hitters.  The previous two were with Roy Halladay in 2010.  Only Jason Varitek has caught more no-hitters with four.

Matt Gelb of the Philadelphia Inquirer tweeted that Ruiz and each pitcher toasted with a bottle of champagne.  He also reported the team was dedicating the ball caught by Darin Ruf for the final out of the game to CEO David Montgomery.  On Thursday the Phillies announced Montgomery would be taking a leave of absence because he is battling cancer.

Plenty of players took to Twitter to share their excitement about the Phillies no-hitter.

Jake Diekman, who got the ball second in the game, said he wasn’t initially aware he was entering a game which the opponent didn’t have any hits.

Jimmy Rollins provided plenty of support on offense, falling a homer short of the cycle and becoming the Phillies all-time leader in multi-hit games.

Ben Revere also had quite a day at the plate, driving in five runs.

Interestingly enough, both Hamels and Papelbon were names used often in trade rumors about a month ago.  Had either been traded the 12th Phillies no-hitter would not have been possible.