Morning Phil Up – 5/23/2014 – Miami Marlins top Jake Diekman and Philadelphia Phillies in the ninth inning


Jake Diekman. Image Credit: Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday’s Game

Marlins defeat Phillies 4-3.

Brief Summary

The Phillies came back from a three-run deficit thanks to a mammoth home run by Marlon Byrd, but Jake Diekman allowed a walk-off single in the ninth.

Emotional reaction immediately after the game

The bullpen does it again!

Less emotional reaction after thinking about it a bit

Should Ryne Sandberg have used Papelbon in the ninth? On one hand, he would have been a better match against the plethora of right-handed hitters the Marlins had due up. On the other hand, even if they got through the ninth unscathed and then scored some runs, SOMEONE was going to have to close it out, and Sandberg thought Papelbon was best used in that role.

It would be preferable for Diekman to primarily face lefties, but he’s actually been solid against ALL hitters this month. The problem is that aside from Mike Adams, they don’t have any right-handers who are dependable enough to trust in that situation.


Christian Yelich got the game winning hit in the ninth. Byrd should also get credit for his game tying homer in the eighth.


Diekman was largely the victim of bad luck, but still, results are results.

Today’s Game

Los Angeles Dodgers at Philadelphia Phillies (20-24)

Clayton Kershaw. Image Credit: Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports


Game time: 7:05 PM

Starting pitchers: Clayton Kershaw (2-1) vs. Roberto Hernandez (2-1)


The Phillies will have to face one of the best starters in baseball as the Dodgers come into town. Clayton Kerhsaw has been dealing with some injuries this season, but he’s still as good as they come when healthy.

Roberto Hernandez will need to be at the top of his game. Hernandez has pitched about as well as could be expected this season, but for the Phillies to have a chance, he’ll probably have to match his performance against the Nationals when he delivered seven shutout innings.

Link of Interest

The Good PhightIt’s time for the DH in the National League

After watching a Phillies rally die on Wednesday night because the pitcher was forced to bat, it may be time for the designated hitter to finally be introduced to the National League. Yes, an aspect of strategy may be lost, but wouldn’t most fans prefer to see an additional “real” hitter come to the plate rather than watch pitcher after pitcher serve as an automatic out?

Tweet of Importance

Despite some positive developments this season, the little things are keeping the Phillies from improving.