Morning Phil Up – 5/12/2014 – Antonio Bastardo ruins Mother’s Day


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Yesterday’s Game

Mets defeat Phillies 5-4

Quick Summary

Cole Hamels gutted out seven innings and was in line for his 100th career victory. With Jonathan Papelbon mysteriously unavailable, Antonio Bastardo was brought in to preserve a three-run lead in the ninth inning. He failed, and the Phillies eventually fell in the 11th inning.

Emotional reaction immediately after the game

Antonio Bastardo ruined Mother’s Day!

Less emotional reaction after thinking about it a bit

At least I stopped watching before the bitter end. I took my daughter to the playground and that made me less sad.


Ruben Tejada‘s single won it for the Mets in the 11th. Special mention should go to Hamels who threw 133 pitches for naught.


The Phillies should be able to get through one game without their closer. With a three-run lead, they should be able to turn to one of their “top” setup men to get the final three outs. Antonio Bastardo proved that thinking wrong.

Today’s Game

The Phillies will have an off-day in which they can stew in the loss. Hopefully, the time off will allow Papelbon to recover from his mystery soreness.

Link of Interest

PhilliedelphiaWhy Ruben Amaro should actually be fired

Many people have called for Phillies general manager Ruben Amaro to be fired. Rich Wilkins says that Amaro’s inability to construct a useful bench or a bullpen that can be trusted to hold a lead is the reason why the Phillies should be looking to replace their chief decision maker.

Tweet of Importance

So is bullpen construction just pure luck?

Hopefully the big three can start delivering like that more often.