Morning Phil Up – 5/2/2014 – Philadelphia Phillies have aces lined up to face the Washington Nationals


Cliff Lee. Image Credit: Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Today’s Game

Washington Nationals (16-12) at Philadelphia Phillies (13-13)

Game time: 7:05 PM


Starting pitchers: Stephen Strasburg (2-2) vs. Cliff Lee (3-2)


After Wednesday’s rain out and Thursday’s scheduled off day, the Phillies are well rested heading into their series against the Washington Nationals. They’ve taken advantage of the time off by shuffling their starting rotation so that their top three starting pitchers will take the mound during the series. First up is Cliff Lee who is coming off a surprisingly poor start against the Diamondbacks. He’ll be followed by A.J. Burnett and Cole Hamels.

The Nationals have some pretty good starters going as well. Tonight’s starter will be Stephen Strasburg. The one-time phenom has yet to live up to the immense hype with which he entered the league, but he’s still a pretty imposing presence on the mound. In his last start, he pitched seven scoreless innings against the Padres.

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Tweet of Importance

Okay, Phillies. All the hopes of the city lie with you now. No pressure or anything.