Morning Phil Up – 3/25/2014 – B.J. Rosenberg, Phillippe Aumont, and why it isn’t time to panic…yet


B. J. Rosenberg. Image Credit: Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Today’s collection of Phillies links include stories about B.J. Rosenberg’s chances of making the team, the roster decisions facing the Phillies, Phillippe Aumont’s new approach, and whether or not fans should be panicking:

Phillies Team SiteRosenberg making excellent case for ‘pen spot

B.J. Rosenberg finished the 2013 season strong, and that has continued into Spring Training. As the season approaches, Rosenberg seems to have a solid chance of coming north with the team and making his first Opening Day roster appearance. Rosenberg doesn’t project as a late-inning reliever, but his ability to pitch multiple innings would make him a valuable part of the bullpen. Long relief was one area where the Phillies struggled badly last season.

The Good PhightStep off the ledge!

Based on Spring Training, most Phillies fans are panicking about the team’s chances in 2014. But people should keep in mind that the 2013 Red Sox entered the season with similar issues, and their season turned out pretty well. The Phillies aren’t the only team facing problems either, as the Braves pitching staff has been decimated by injuries. So while things may indeed turn out poorly, it’s way too early to panic.

CSN PhillyMore decisions coming for Phillies brass

Rain may have shortened the day for the Phillies on the field on Monday, but it was still a long day for team executives who have some personnel decisions to make. There are still several bench spots up for grabs, and some of the candidates can opt to become free agents if not added to the major league roster this week. It’s also possible that the roster spots will be taken by players currently in other organizations. As other teams make cuts, the Phillies will be on the lookout for guys who could be added.

Philly.comAumont learning to live, and pitch, in the moment

Phillippe Aumont has adopted a new slogan as he attempts to turn his career around: Live in the Moment. Too often, Aumont has concerned himself with either the past or the future, and didn’t concentrate enough on the present. Aumont is a candidate for one of the final bullpen spots, but at the moment, he appears to be on the outside. But the results in Spring Training have been somewhat encouraging. Instead of trying to strike every batter out, he’s using his sinker to induce ground balls, which has resulted in more efficient appearances.

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