Morning Phil Up – 3/18/2014 – Phillies prospects, Mike Schmidt, Cole Hamels, and a supercomputer?


Mike Schmidt. Image Credit: David Manning-USA TODAY Sports

Grading on the CurveFirst Hand Report: Phillies A Ball Teams

Jay Blue catches the Phillies A ball teams in action and provides a first hand report. There weren’t a lot of top prospects around, but a few players managed to stand out. Infielder/outfielder Andrew Pullin hit a home run, while Dylan Cozens added a triple. Of all the pitchers, Mark Meadors and his power curve might have been the most impressive.

The Good PhightPhillies possibly acquire supercomputer

Reportedly, a major league team has acquired a supercomputer that may be used to assist with in-game strategy. Supposedly, the team is a large market team that most people wouldn’t expect to make such a move. Considering their notorious resistance to adopting advanced analytics, the Phillies would certainly fit that description.

Philly.comHamels making good progress

Cole Hamels was enthused by his most recent bullpen session, saying his arm felt strong. Hamels famously had to shut down his offseason training regimen due to tendonitis in his arm. And then, he had to take another break after reaching camp, possibly due to trying to rush back too soon. Because of those setbacks, he is unlikely to appear in a major league game in the month of April, no matter how strong he currently feels.

Philadelphia Phillies Team SiteSchmidt feeling grateful, energized, ready for Sundays

Phillies great Mike Schmidt recently shared that the team had contacted him regarding the opening broadcast spots, but he had to pass for a very good reason: He was currently undergoing chemotherapy. He was suffering from melanoma, which also forced him to skip his usual duties as Spring Training instructor. He is now completely clear of the disease, and is looking forward to joining the broadcast team for home Sundays this upcoming season.

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