Morning Phil Up – 3/4/2014 – Michael Stutes, Hooters Girls, Jon Singleton, and Cody Asche


Michael Stutes. Image Credit: Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Philly.comStutes waits for his fastball to return

Michael Stutes did not have a strong outing on Monday. After two straight injury shortened years, Stutes knows he is fighting to make the team, and he was probably overthrowing a bit. It should be concerning that his velocity was noticeably down. He was only throwing in the high-80s, and that is not a good place to be for a pitcher who used to get up to 93 MPH.

FanSidedPhillies using Hooters girls as ball girls

During Spring Training games, the Phillies have taken to using employees from famed restaurant Hooters as ball girls. The Phillies have had a partnership with Hooters for years, and I’m sure that it is always a thrill for the fans in attendance.

Phillies Nation Former Phillies prospect Jon Singleton admits to drug issues

The Phillies traded minor league first baseman Jon Singleton to Houston as part of the Hunter Pence trade. Thus far, the trade hasn’t hurt the Phillies, and one of the reasons is because Singleton has already endured a 50 game suspension due to marijuana use. Singleton’s future may hinge on his ability to battle his admitted addiction to the drug.

The Zo ZoneAsche gets hit, seems just a bruise

The Phillies received a scare the other day when rookie third baseman Cody Asche was hit on the hand with a pitch. Fortunately for Asche and the Phillies, upon closer examination, the injury is merely a bruise, and the hand is not broken. For a team that is depending on good health, that is very good news.

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